ViViwhite Pearl Extract Hydra Brightening Cream has clinically proven skin types in various countries as below:



1. Brighten instantly, just 8 seconds.

2. Brighten skin tone, pearl-like brightening.

3. Deeply moisturize, 24 hours nourishing.

4. Highly moisturizing, moisturizing for 12 hours.

5. Refreshing and oil control, instantly refreshing and not greasy.

6. Powerful Repair flaws, repair lines, and repair pores without makeup or makeup removal.

7. Excellent in Fades stains, skin reshaping, and epidermal growth within 28 days.

8. Resist melanin and Sun protection UV.

9. It is suitable for all kinds of Asian skin and has been tested for anti-allergy, anti-puncture, anti- redness, and anti-oxidation.

10. For long-term applications, the skin becomes brighter and more even after 90 days of use and forms a distinctive skin protective layer.


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