Caution of Sensitive and Red Skin in Whitening Method

1) Features:

Skin is fine and fair, but uneven skin tone, red, swollen, itchy, peeling and red blood streaks, poor skin resistance, thin and fragile stratum corneum, many skincare products are not available. It's harder to make up.


2) Caring method:

Do not use skin care products and facial cleansers containing formaldehyde, Paraben, soap, alcohol. Keep away from sensitive sources. Supplement more Vit E to strengthen the skin's resistance and reshape the skin's NMF. It is important to keep warm and moisturize. Clean your face with warm water.


a) When choosing a whitening cream, do not contain allergies, preferably natural ingredients and no additives, and have anti-allergy and anti-irritation tests.


b) Choose a physical sunscreen with a high refractive index. It is best to test it on the inside of the wrist or behind the ear. If there is no redness reaction, then feel free to use sunscreen.


c) Choose biological enzymes to exfoliate, do not use chemical acids or physical scrubs!


d) Supplement more Vit C to strengthen the blood in the skin, to prevent redness.

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