Caution of Oily and Acne-Prone Skin in Whitening Method

1) Features:

The cortex secretes vigorously, greasy, large pores, easy to grow acne and pigment spots while leaving acne scars. Makeup is easy to dissolve by the skin and easy to block and bump holes.


2) Caring method:

Do not use mineral oil and talcum powder cleansers and skincare products. It is necessary to control oil, replenish water, and balance grease. Instead of constantly washing your face to remove oil, you will get more oily. Clean your pores and exfoliate every week, and clean your face with water that is lower than body temperature.


a) When choosing a whitening cream, it must be a Hydrating Cream with a water-feeling and oil-controlling skincare product level, which can balance oil without clogging the pores and refreshing and whitening.


b) When applying whitening cream and sunscreen, take the thinnest layer as the key point. First, squeeze the cream on the back of your hand, squeeze it with three fingers, and then apply it lightly and thinly on the face, and it will never burden the skin too much.


c) Supplement more Vit A foods, such as red, yellow, green fruits and vegetables, and eggs and milk to reduce the problem of excessive skin keratinization.

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