Caution of Combination Skin in Whitening Method

1) Features:

T Zone is prone to oil, and the nasal pores are very thick, but the cheeks are very dry and peeling. Prone to blackheads, rough skin, and uneven skin tone.


2) Caring method:

Do not use maintenance and cleansing creams containing soap, paraben, and talcum; T Zone exfoliates and blackheads once a week. Pay attention to moisturizing the whole face and sunscreen on both cheeks to avoid spotting.


a) Choose whitening scream with high-efficiency moisturizing type, mainly refreshing, not heavy concealer.


b) When applying whitening cream, the T Zone should be light and thin, and the cheeks can be thicker to achieve brightening and moisturizing effects and prevent the occurrence of spots on the cheeks.


c) It is recommended to exfoliate the entire face and T Zone to remove blackheads every two weeks, which will help the daily whitening cream to absorb and make the whitening more clear and even.

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