Our Expert Team

Our expert team has 20 years of experience in the professional field of skincare and has been exposed to all types of skin and some people who pursue the concerns of perfect skin. 


We found that "Healthy & Radiant Fair Skin" is equated with beauty, delicacy, fashion, and victory. Whether it is Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and other Asian countries, 60% to 70% of beauty followers are pursuing the concept of "Whiteness for Beauty" as their daily skincare goal.


Therefore, some people do not hesitate to achieve the purpose of "artificial whitening" with some shortcuts such as chemical whitening, taking drugs, and some whitening injections. What we are distressed is that the original healthy skin with slippery eggshells has become sensitive, dry, oily, red, and fragile skin. With the warm sun in the Asia circumstance, the spots and aging problems are also written on the face immediately.



Our Expert Research

Our expert’s research has found that Japan and South Korea’s skincare and whitening technologies are at the forefront of the world, and Japanese culture advocates "Natural Whiteness for Beauty", with "Pink radiant fair skin" and "Pink Radiant Neck Skin" as whitening appeals.


The phrase "You have to be Brighter White, you can Win!" gave birth to ViViwhite, vows to make you a white victory and become a whitening skin winner! Sourced with Japanese whitening technology formula, upholding the skincare philosophy of "Saving the Skin""Immediately Brightening", and "Nutritious Whitening"Vivi White introduces a series of professional products that adhere to your healthy and brighter skin in 24 hours per day.


The natural formula of ViViwhite has been clinically verified by Asian skin types, It is refreshing and has no burden, It regains whiteness and radiance immediately. It has been successfully sold in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan!





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Protect the original texture of the skin, adhere to the natural formulations to reorganize
the skin, so that all skin tones can regain their natural white beauty.

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